Bethany Weimers

Grace Bailey

Bethany stands sideways in front of a distressed red brick wall with her arms folded and a brown fur coat on. She looks sternly into the camera and her curly brown hair frames her face.

Bethany Weimers is a songwriter, sound artist and musician who creates evocative and atmospheric works with exploration of the voice and storytelling at their core. In her experimental compositions she … Read More

Maria Uzor

Grace Bailey

Maria Uzor looks into the camera scowling while pulling on one of her ears. She is in a room with luminescent purple lighting and wearing a tie-dye purple and pink neon skin.

Merging the spirits of electro, avant-pop, techno and dub, Maria Uzor is an electronic artist, composer, and producer based in Norwich. A penchant for fusing different genres, her music twists … Read More

Djanan Turan

Grace Bailey

A black and white image. Djanan Turan stands leaning slightly to one side with her hands behind her back, smiling slightly.

Djanan Turan is a singer/songwriter of Turkish descent. She started singing at the age of 14, and studied singing, harmony and composition with Timur Selcuk, an acclaimed Turkish musician. Since … Read More

Toni Sansara

Grace Bailey

Toni Sansara is a singer-songwriter and performer from the West Midlands, inspired by R’n’B, Hip-Hop and Pop among other sounds. She uses her soulful vocals to sing about life experiences, … Read More


Grace Bailey

Samfire stands sideways to the camera which is angled up at her face. She drapes her face and upper body in sheer red fabric, holding it above her head. The out of focus background is coastal, with the sea and a small stretch of pebbles visible.

Samfire is an alternative artist and producer with a hypnotic sound. As a member of her school choir and orchestra, she was filled with a love of harmonies and rich … Read More

Maria Rae

Grace Bailey

Maria Rae is a Hackney based singer-songwriter and pianist. Her music encompasses elements of dark alt-pop, culminating haunting sounds and layered vocals. Maria Rae is due to release her debut … Read More

Sarah Ourahmane

Grace Bailey

Sarah Ourahmane (n. 1998) is a British-Algerian cellist, vocalist, composer and producer who recently completed her graduate degree at the Superior Conservatoire of Catalunya in Film Composition. Her work is … Read More

Adina Nelu

Grace Bailey

Adina sits behind a black piano in a room with black drapes. She looks down at the keys and her dark hair falls in front of her face.

Adina Nelu is a Manchester-based film and media composer, producer and vocalist focusing on sonic storytelling and music as metaphor in media. Her fourth feature film has premiered nationwide in … Read More

Amy Hopwood

Grace Bailey

Amy Hopwood is a folk singer-songwriter, based in Exeter, and inspired by the likes of Karine Polwart, Emily Portman and Leon Rosselson. She has studied social anthropology, folklore, and human … Read More

Charlotte Hatch

Grace Bailey

Charlotte Hatch is a Yorkshire-based folk singer who draws on real life experiences for lyrical inspiration; family life, love and loss, friendship and her passion for nature. Her songs combine … Read More