Will Langstone

Alex Noble

Will Langstone is a self-taught composer, cellist and DIY maker. He performs regularly on cello and electronics as Armed With Bow, drawing on influences including ambient, classical and electronica. His … Read More

Andy Truscott

Alex Noble

Andy Truscott is a composer/field recordist based in Fife, who releases music under the moniker Kinbrae with his twin brother Mike. His work is inspired by the Scottish landscape and … Read More

Frazer Merrick

Alex Noble

Frazer Merrick uses field recordings, circuit bending and synthesis to create experiences which explore the act of play. Using lo-fi technologies Frazer transforms a space or object, encouraging the audience … Read More

Chloe Knibbs

Alex Noble

Chloe Knibbs is a composer exploring storytelling, theatricality and sidelined voices with a particular emphasis on feminist perspectives.  Included in the British Music Collection, her work includes compositions for opera … Read More

Helen Anahita Wilson

Alex Noble

Helen Anahita Wilson works at an idiosyncratic intersection of Western contemporary and South Asian classical and devotional music, with a particular interest in rhythm and resonance. Her output has its … Read More

Angela Slater

Alex Noble

Angela Elizabeth Slater is a UK-based composer. In her AHRC-funded PhD at University of Nottingham, Angela developed an interest in musically mapping different aspects of the natural world into the … Read More


Alex Noble

“our sound-art includes international commissions such as have taken scissors to a few folks ties for our solo exhibition with alma zevi venice, 2018. rose carved in rain exhibition and … Read More

Emily Levy

Chris Joseph

Emily Levy is a British singer and composer with musical influences that range from medieval to classical, folk to jazz. She works closely with the voice and sound design and … Read More