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From new instrumental works by emerging composers to groundbreaking experimental club nights, from sound installations to electronic phantasmagoria, The Sampler has been at the forefront of showcasing the extraordinary diversity of the UK's new music scene for the last decade.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscapes of new music and sound, we are integrating The Sampler events listings into our Sound and Music website offering a centralised hub for both live and online events, workshops, festivals, and more. This move will help you reach even more people, and we have added functionality to make it even easier to list and find events.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey by listing your events on our integrated platform, and use the map and our search filters below to find exciting new music and sound events near you.

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leeds, England
Lo-fi High Summer Concert
London, South East London
Join us for a night of improvised music and film presented by the Lo-fi Ensemble who are a long running music group who meet once a month on our hall and explore music and sound in a group context. to celebrate another year in the hall the […]
Tangram x LSO: Bound/Unbound
London, England
New music, new movement, her stories. Join trailblazing Associate Artists, Tangram, for the premiere of a new music theatre piece by Alex Ho and Sun Keting interweaving the stories of two of China’s 19th century heroines: Afong Moy and Qiu […]
Symphony “Kukai”
Master Kukai (774-835), posthumously known as Kobo Daishi, is the eighth patriarch of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism (Tangmi) and the founder of Japanese Shingon Buddhism. He is an outstanding figure of cultural exchange between China and Japan […]
Echoes of the clarinet: Debussy to Rautavaara
London, England
Join international duo Dialogue of Minds as they conjure the sounds and ideas of composers from across countries and styles, with a program mainly consisting of UK premiers! Praised for “great sensitivity”, British-Australian clarinetist K […]
Schoenberg: Reshaping Tradition
London, England
London Sinfonietta open their 2024/25 season with a portrait of one of the most misunderstood pioneers of the early 20th-century avant-garde. Arnold Schoenberg's early works such as his Chamber Symphony, written in 1906, expanded the lus […]
Refracted Sound
London, England
Written shortly before the composer's death, Morton Feldman's expansive For Samuel Beckett is a meditatively shifting work, in which tiny differences between endless rhythmic and harmonic permutations suspend space and time. A giant of […]
Love Lines
London, England
London Sinfonietta returns to Kings Place, presenting an evening of music by Scottish composers exploring the idea of love and our deepest human need for connection. Judith Weir’s evocative music sets the scene, before the Public World Pr […]
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