The Francis Chagrin Awards were awards for composers looking for a small grant of up to £500 to support their work through self-learning projects, equipment, mentoring, and other direct costs for a project or for artist development. 

The awards were run with up to 3 rounds per year, intended as agile awards with the aim of aim to supporting specific groups that encounter barriers when it comes to accessing opportunities and sustaining a career. Awards could be used to purchase essential equipment, develop skills, or gain vital artistic and practical insight and experience in working with professional musicians, ensembles or other artistic collaborators, with a view to supporting individuals’ longer-term ability to sustain themselves and their careers.   

The awards were not designed as a hardship fund or to supplement projects which had confirmed grant support already. 

Between 2013 and 2023, the Francis Chagrin Awards supported over 40 composers to create new works. In 2020, the awards were briefly repurposed into the Covid-19 Composer Awards as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Shamica Ruddock, Francis Chagrin winner

About Francis Chagrin

Samfire stands sideways to the camera which is angled up at her face. She drapes her face and upper body in sheer red fabric, holding it above her head. The out of focus background is coastal, with the sea and a small stretch of pebbles visible.

Previous Award Winners

While small in size, the Francis Chagrin award was able to reach a large number of composers.

Meet the Francis Chagrin Award winners

Meet the Covid-19 Composer Award winners

About Francis Chagrin

About Francis Chagrin

Francis Chagrin was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM). During his career, he composed symphonies, songs, chamber music, and over 200 film scores.

His music is archived in Sound and Music's British Music Collection.


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