Sound and Music Podcast: Three Brand New Episodes

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Are you a music lover? Fascinated by the process of composing? Interested in the ideas behind the sounds? Excited to hear something new?

Today, we’re thrilled to announce three brand new episodes of the Sound and Music Podcast, the place where extraordinary new music is brought to life by the people who make it.

Every three weeks starting today, we’ll be launching a brand new episode filled with conversations and music from some of the most interesting composers and artists of today.

In the first of these three episodes, Portals, composers Anthony R. Green, Nathan Riki Thomson and Amble Skuse share their music and thoughts on what music might mean beyond just sounds, and how we connect to each other and the world around us through the act of making music.

We listen to the sounds of an augmented double bass, hear the inner workings of a digital opera, and dive into a social justice piano concerto. Join our CEO Susanna Eastburn MBE and composer Des Oliver for a unique insight into composing.

This podcast was produced by Michael Umney (Resonance FM) and mixed by Chris Bartholomew, with our theme tune composed by Rob Bentall. Our recommendation at the end is for the charity Castle of our Skins.

To learn more about the Sound and Music Podcast and the amazing artists involved, you can find out more here.

Our heartfelt thanks to the record labels, performers, composers and organisations who allowed us to include excerpts of their recordings on the podcast.

Episode 1: Time

Episode 2: Inspiration

Episode 3: Taste

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