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Life is confusing. Here we like to make sense of this puzzling place through music and sound. 

Hit play on our podcast to meet extraordinary composers and artists, walking the landscape they have created for us to hear.

Each episode will focus on a topic relevant to the world we live in today. From the abstract concept of time to the urgent topic of climate change. Music always has the answers… or the questions.  

Susanna Eastburn MBE and composer Des Oliver will guide you through each episode. Interviewing and breaking down awe-inspiring, heart-breaking and thought-provoking pieces of new music.

The podcast is produced by Michael Umney (Resonance FM) and mixed by Chris Bartholomew, with our theme tune composed by Rob Bentall.

Episode 9: Climate: Emergency

Composers Blythe PepinoRocky Dawuni and Emily Hall share their music and thoughts exploring activism in the climate crisis. 

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Episode 10: Climate: Place

Composers Hanna TuulikkiColin Riley and Dai Fujikura share their music and thoughts exploring the importance of place in music. 

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Episode 9: Climate: Emergency

Daniel Kidane, Clarice Assad, Lei Liang and Evelien van den Broek share their music and thoughts exploring the climate emergency in music. 

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Episode 8: Queerness

Composers Reeta LoiMichael Wolters and Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser share their music and thoughts exploring queerness in music.

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Episode 7: Distractions

Composers Neil Luck, India Jordan and David Austin Grey share their music and thoughts on the place of distractions in the process of creating music.

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Episode 6: Offerings

Richard Ayres, Hannah Catherine Jones and Errollyn Wallen share their music and thoughts exploring the gift of making music with and for other people.

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Episode 5: Invitations

Shabaka Hutchings, Alwynne Pritchard and Oliver Leith share their music and thoughts exploring the nature of the human relationships which shape the music they make.

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Episode 4: Portals

Composers Anthony R. GreenNathan Riki Thomson and Amble Skuse explore what music might mean beyond just sounds, and how we connect to each other and the world through the act of making music.

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Episode 1: Time

We hear what Gerald BarryMatthew Shlomowitz, and Joanna Ward have to say on taste, is there such a thing as bad music, and is all musical taste solely cultural?

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Episode 2: Inspiration

Listen to composers Richard RijnvosCassandra Miller, and Supriya Nagarajan talk about and share their music and thoughts on what inspires them, from gardening to lullabies.

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Episode 1: Time

We invite composers Jem FinerElaine Mitchener, and Chaya Czernowin to share their music and thoughts exploring the theme of time, timelessness, and history.

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