Lucie Treacher

Chris Joseph

Based between the UK and the moon, Lucie Treacher is a 24 year old sound artist/composer, performer, creator and director of the International Archive of Dreams. She creates music to … Read More

James McIlwrath

Chris Joseph

James Mcilwrath (young white man in beanie and pink t-shirt) reflected in a window

James McIlwrath is an Experimental Musician and curator from Bangor, Northern Ireland, now based in York. James’ music various from experiments with graphic scores, minimalist works, field recordings, improvisation,  sound … Read More

Dafydd Roberts

Chris Joseph

Dafydd Roberts (white man with shaved head, wearing glasses and a jacket) altering the settings on a small, electronic device

Dr Dafydd Roberts has made music as Our glassie Azoth since 1993, and is one of Sound and Music’s 2019 Composer-Curator cohort. The Wire describes Our glassie Azoth  as “Emerging … Read More