James Mcilwrath (young white man in beanie and pink t-shirt) reflected in a window

James McIlwrath is an Experimental Musician and curator from Bangor, Northern Ireland, now based in York. James’ music various from experiments with graphic scores, minimalist works, field recordings, improvisation,  sound plays, bicycles and theatrical works. He is one of Sound and Music’s 2019 Composer-Curator cohort.

As a performer, James has worked with several composers including: Neil Luck, Aaron Moorehouse, Tom Sissons, Rodrigo Constanzo and Oogoo Maia. James has performed with the Ulster Youth Orchestra, The Assembled, University of York Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, squib-box and Ish.

James was Chair of The Chimera Ensemble between 2017-18 and is the founder and director of A M O K, an experimental performance platform based in York. AMOK showcases experimental performances by emerging and established composers and performers based locally and across the U.K.