Delia Stevens & Joe Snape (Conundrums)

Sam Corcoran

Percussionist Delia Stevens co-founded the Aurora Percussion Duo and world-music collective Kabantu. Both ensembles tour the UK extensively, perform on BBC Radio 3, have given Ted Talks and won the £10,000 Royal Over-Seas … Read More

Rebecca Lee & Nastassja Simensky

Sam Corcoran

Rebecca Lee is a musician and composer producing research-led audio installations and compositions alongside experimental performance projects. She regularly works off-site, engaging with feminist thinking around landscape, community, knowledge and … Read More

Marco Sebastiano Alessi (Naviar Records)

Sam Corcoran

Naviar Records is a music community and record label: through regular publications, open projects and events, they explore the connection between experimental electronic music and traditional Japanese poetry. Since its … Read More

Meesha Fones, Anna Palmer & Kaila Whyte (QUE.E.F)

Sam Corcoran

QUE.E.F is a brand-new Birmingham based experimental live music and art night: an immersive safe space for queer parties, collaboration, drag, activism and live performance. Showcasing experimental live music and … Read More

Stephen Ives (Farmer Glitch)

Sam Corcoran

Negative blue image of a man wearing a WW2 style gas mask

Stephen Ives is a sound artist, audio producer and curator who has worked internationally on projects for film, live performances, music releases and exhibitions. He creates unique hand-built instruments, combining … Read More

Rufus Isabel Elliot

Sam Corcoran

Rufus in a leather jacket, smiling and looking downwards at the floor

Rufus Isabel Elliot is a trans musician originally from Tower Hamlets, now based in Glasgow, who has written everything from funerary music for doomed spaceships to orchestral music about rotting … Read More

Jake Blanchard & Sophie Cooper (TOR)

Sam Corcoran

“TOR” is an umbrella term used by illustrator Jake Blanchard and musician Sophie Cooper for a variety of projects including Tor Bookings, Tor Festival, Tor Press, Tor Beers and Tor … Read More

Lucie Treacher

Sam Corcoran

Based between the UK and the moon, Lucie Treacher is a 24 year old sound artist/composer, performer, creator and director of the International Archive of Dreams. She creates music to … Read More

James McIlwrath

Sam Corcoran

James Mcilwrath (young white man in beanie and pink t-shirt) reflected in a window

James McIlwrath is an Experimental Musician and curator from Bangor, Northern Ireland, now based in York. James’ music various from experiments with graphic scores, minimalist works, field recordings, improvisation,  sound … Read More