Based between the UK and the moon, Lucie Treacher is a 24 year old sound artist/composer, performer, creator and director of the International Archive of Dreams.

She creates music to get lost in. Melodies which make you feel as if you’ve hitched a lift with a travelling circus and been dropped off beside the sea. Using telephones, clocks, blenders and bubble-wrap, she stitches sound-worlds which are dreamy and timeless, creating a sonic playground for you to spin inside till you’re giddy…

Her work is characterised by vivid and highly textural sound worlds, which are playfully woven into her multi-disciplinary work, merging theatre, performance, film and community arts. As a sound artist Lucie has been involved in a spectrum of projects, taking her from experimental, improvisatory realms to electronic music and to opera, creating work for Kings Place, the Saatchi Gallery, Cadogan Hall and subterranean caves.

Lucie is one of Sound and Music’s 2019 Composer-Curator cohort. Her project, ‘A Catalogue of Bones and Stars’, is an outdoor immersive theatre adventure with music, based on the lives of two ground-breaking female scientists: the pioneering astronomer, Caroline Herschel and palaeontologist, Mary Anning.