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At Sound and Music, we support anyone who wants to make music and sound to shape the modern world. We enable individuals to challenge expectations and discover their potential, and act as a friendly guide for those who want to listen deeper.  Our work sustains more careers, progresses creativity and achieves greater equity across music in the UK.

We are guided by our Fair Access Principles, a code of best practice which ensures our work is open and inclusive for all.  

Sound and Music is supported by Arts Council England and proud to be a National Youth Music Organisation

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Since 2008 we have supported some of the most exciting, visionary, and experimental composers in the UK; working across and pushing the boundaries of modern composition, electronica, jazz, folk, improvisation, traditional musics and much more.

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We support a diverse range of UK based composers to explore their artistic practice; to create new work and develop their careers and their audiences, through expert support, coaching, mentoring, awards, guidance and artistic bursaries.

We use the term ‘composer’ to describe any individual who creates new work using sound or music, whether they perform it themselves or write for others — and whether they work with software, with notes on paper, through improvisation, or in other ways.

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If you’re a young composer aged 11 – 21, visit our Learn section to see what we can offer you

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New Voices is an 18-month artist development programme that supports composers at pivotal stages of their careers to explore new ideas, new sounds and new music, including coaching, mentoring and financial grant to create a new piece of work and share it with new audiences.

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Composer Socials

The composer socials are informal, unstructured spaces for composers to connect, socialise, skill-share and problem solve. They are hosted by our Associates. Registrations for our March and April socials are now open.

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Our Fair Access Principles are designed to act as a code of best practice for running successful, open and inclusive artist development programmes, competitions and awards for composers.

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We build and engage communities for new sound and music through diverse stories, digital content, events, data-driven campaigning and partnerships across the UK.  Through an innovative and open approach, we aim to challenge perceptions, remove barriers and enable more audiences to explore, access and enjoy new music.  

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Every day composers join our growing digital archive and share their unique creations and stories that reflect new music today. We work with a diverse range of guest curators, writers and collaborators to open the collection up to the community. 

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Bringing together the extraordinary new sound and music events and activity happening across the UK. From DIY nights, to workshops, sound installations and experimental club nights, alongside feature blogs, playlists and insights from composers and people at the heart of the scene. 

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Music Patron

Music Patron is an ambitious new online platform connecting composers with patrons. We reimagine this idea for the 21st century and makes it accessible to any music lover. With a regular monthly donation, anyone can join the community and directly support composers across the UK. 

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We support music educators who work with children and young people, so they can empower them to compose and create their own music. We have a range of professional development opportunities, resources and advice for teachers and music leaders, and also signpost to others' opportunities and resources.

We advocate that composing and creating music should be at the heart of every child’s music education. We work with partners nationally to create a network of support for young composers and those who educate them.

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Creating research, resources and training opportunities, the Listen Imagine Compose partnership provides support for teachers wanting to develop and enrich their approaches to teaching composing at KS3, 4 and 5.

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The first report of its kind in the UK, Can Compose outlines the essential findings of our National Music Educators’ Survey, revealing significant barriers faced by young people looking to compose and create their own music.

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The COVID-19 lockdown presents an unprecedented challenge for educators. To support teachers and homeschooling parents in this time, we’ve collated a selection of useful resources.

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We create opportunities for children and young people aged 11 - 21 to compose and create their own music, learn from industry professionals and discover new music. We want to support young people with the most important thing: creating their own music!

We know that there are very few opportunities for young composers and music creators to develop their compositional skills and voices, so we are working with partners across the country to create a network that can help them find that support.

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Safi  and Carlos Eiene

Following on from the success of our first ever series of Masterclasses in 2020, in 2021 we ran a brand new series of free, virtual New Music Labs  - with a twist! Each of these interactive lab sessions were created with, and delivered by, young people.


A 6 day residential that gives you the opportunity to explore your musical creativity. Whether you create in a DAW, with a band, use notation, improvise or are curious about experimenting with creating music, we will support you to bring your ideas to life!

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A national partnership network of workshops, programmes and events giving young people more opportunities to make and showcase their own music, and also to learn alongside professional composers, creators, producers and musicians.

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