Theo Gowans

Chris Joseph

Theo Gowans is an almost-musician, art maker and gig organiser based in Leeds. He performs experimental noise, sound collage and free improvised music solo as Territorial Gobbing, as part of … Read More

Aidan Teplitzky

Chris Joseph

My name is Aidan and I am a composer. I was born in Australia and was raised in my parents’ restaurant in Sydney before moving to Scotland at age 4. I … Read More

Simon Paton

Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis

Photo of Simon Paton in a black shirt waring large pink sunglasses

Simon Paton is a composer, bassist, researcher and event curator based in Birmingham. A graduate of University of West London where he studied bass guitar and jazz composition, he formed … Read More

Laura Campbell

Chris Joseph

Laura is a Liverpool based musician & sound artist. Her current work involves creating bespoke sound devices, audio walks & composing with field recordings alongside voice & electronic instrumentation, she … Read More

David De La Haye

Chris Joseph

David is a multi-award winning field recordist, musician, creative research technician and producer. He has toured internationally with Monster Ceilidh Band, Jez Lowe and Shona Mooney. Originally from the Channel Islands he … Read More

Stewart Baxter

Chris Joseph

Stewart has been involved in music for over 20 years cutting his teeth playing in various bands with British DIY punk scene where he learnt many skills through simply getting … Read More

Stephen Ives (Farmer Glitch)

Chris Joseph

Negative blue image of a man wearing a WW2 style gas mask

Stephen Ives is a sound artist, audio producer and curator who has worked internationally on projects for film, live performances, music releases and exhibitions. He creates unique hand-built instruments, combining … Read More

Jake Blanchard & Sophie Cooper (TOR)

Chris Joseph

“TOR” is an umbrella term used by illustrator Jake Blanchard and musician Sophie Cooper for a variety of projects including Tor Bookings, Tor Festival, Tor Press, Tor Beers and Tor … Read More

Supriya Nagarajan

Chris Joseph

Supriya Nagarajan is a classically-trained Carnatic singer who is inspired by not only the traditions of her South Asian roots, but also by a drive to work with new ideas, … Read More

Liz Dilnot Johnson

Chris Joseph

Liz Dilnot Johnson lives on the beautiful Malvern Hills overlooking Herefordshire and across to the Welsh Black Mountains. Regularly commissioned by Ex Cathedra and the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, her music … Read More