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We create opportunities for children and young people aged 11 - 21 to compose and create their own music, learn from industry professionals and discover new music. We want to support young people with the most important thing: creating music their own music!

We know that there are very few opportunities for young composers and music creators to develop their compositional skills and voices, so we are working with partners across the country to create a network that can help them find that support.

What we do

We believe that music education should empower young people to compose and create the music that they want to hear and share. We want to help you 'own' the word composer, and support you with the most important thing: creating your own music!

You might be asking yourself, "what do you mean by composer?”

We use ‘composer’ to describe anyone who creates new sound or music, whether they perform it themselves or write for others - and whether they work with software, with notes on paper, through improvisation, or in other ways.

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How to get involved

Our annual Summer School is a unique residential that gives young composers and creative musicians aged 14-18 the chance to develop their compositional voice and skills in a creative, collaborative and supportive environment.

Our national Go Compose! partnership offers workshops, programmes and events that give young people the opportunity to make new music and learn from professional composers, producers and musicians.

We also regularly share opportunities in our young people's newsletter, as well as on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to some of the work created by young people we've supported


This year, as part of our first-ever Digital Summer School, we hosted a week of virtual masterclasses with professional composers, exploring new ways of making music.

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Our national network of workshops, programmes and events giving you the chance to make new music and learn from professional composers, producers and musicians.

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Lots of the young people we support go on to great careers in music. Hear from composer, producer and podcaster Ben Corrigan how our Summer School impacted his life and career.

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