What is Music Patron?

It’s an ambitious new online platform that will connect composers directly with patrons.

What problem are we trying to solve?

The status quo isn’t working. Financial factors (pandemic, insufficient streaming fees and increased competition, to name but a few... ) have not only led to less music being produced, but also fewer opportunities for composers to take risks, to experiment and innovate. Patronage is one solution to this problem and to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of new music for the future. 

Who is a Patron?

Historically patrons and patronage formed an important part of a composer’s income and sustainability. We want to reimagine this idea for the 21st century! It’s not just for the privileged and the wealthy. For a small monthly donation, you too could be part of this movement and in the composition of brand-new works. 

Would you support a composer?

We are looking for 100 patrons to be join our beta site. These founding patrons will have the unique opportunity to not only connect directly with our first cohort, but to give the Music Patron team feedback on the platform and directly impact the future of Music Patron. 

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Come with us on this journey as we discover what patronage means today

If you have any thoughts, want to find out more, or contribute to our pioneering project, please contact Sonia Stevenson, Head of Music Patron: sonia.stevenson@soundandmusic.org

For composers interested in taking part in Music Patron, we hope to publish more information as our plans develop.