The Guestlist: Black History Month Special (with Nadine Peters)

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We’re thrilled to be reprising The Guestlist, our mini-series anchored in the issues of sustaining a creative career while facing and fighting barriers. Hosted by Naila Barrett, the series aims to platform conversation around inequality by championing and amplifying marginalised, intersectional voices.

The Guestlist was originally curated by Naila Barrett in early 2022, to celebrate International Women’s Day at Sound and Music. The Guestlist formed an exciting part of our wider #IWDPlusOne campaign, a new and inclusive approach showcasing composers and music creators who identify as women, trans and non-binary.

In this special episode marking Black History Month 2022, The Guestlist is back for a one-off video episode with our British Music Collection Digital Residency Winner, Nadine Peters of Thursley Radio! Tune in as the pair discuss everything from fashion internships and making your own work, to changing the industry and Nadine’s top music recommendations.

Nadine Peters is the founder of Thursley Radio, a podcast show exploring the context and influences that inform the work of women and gender-non-conforming sound artists.

In response to our nationwide call for Black History Month 2021, Thursley Radio created a new podcast called Discover, which looks specifically at black women and gender non-conforming sound artists who are absent from the British Music Collection.

Nadine will also be our external panellist for this year’s Black Composers Open Call, which is offering three £750 grants for new sonic works from UK-based Black composers, artists and collectives from the African and Caribbean diaspora.

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