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Chris Joseph

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As part of a new open call, we are seeking to support UK-based Black composers, artists and collectives from the African and Caribbean diaspora in a new Open Call opportunity for 3 x £750 grants for new sonic works.

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals from those who identify as coming from low socio-economic or working-class backgrounds – who have faced additional barriers due to their socio-economic status.

Here at Sound and Music, and particularly on the British Music Collection, we feel that it’s essential to capture moments in our collective history; to create a space to reflect, to celebrate individual voices, and to address the under-representation of Black composers, creators, and their works.

The opportunity:

Black Composers Open Call:  3 x £750 grants for new sonic works.

Applications close Thursday 24th November, 23:59pm
Deadline for delivery: February-March 2023  

The named applicant must be based in the UK and not currently participating in a Sound and Music programme (e.g. New Voices, Composer-Curator and Adopt a Music Creator). If you have received an award from us (e.g. Francis Chagrin, Covid-19 or Seed Award) you are welcome to apply.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can contact Grace Bailey, Executive Administrator –

The selected works will be hosted uniquely on the British Music Collection website and will be shared widely via Sound and Music’s social channels and newsletters.

The brief for this project is intentionally open and isn’t tied to any specific themes, as we want to support Black composers and creators to make the works they feel need to be heard. However, we are keen to support those who identify as coming from low socio-economic or working-class backgrounds and to address the structural barriers still faced in the new music sector. Applicants will be able to self-define and will not be asked to provide any evidence of their status.

Works do not need to address class directly to be considered, but we are keen to understand how widespread socioeconomic and geographic variances in provision and opportunities affect approaches to creating new music and sound—this could be captured within the works or via additional context i.e. a blog.

Works can be created either alone (solo) or with collaborators of your choice (this could be another composer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, animator or writer etc. For the fee, we are looking for 1 to 5-minute creative, sonic responses. You’re welcome to produce a piece of work longer than this, but Sound and Music is keen to ensure everyone is paid fairly and properly for their time and output.

Previous projects have covered themes such as ‘Identity and the anxiety of influence’, notions of ‘identity and aesthetic’ and issues surrounding the breadth of new music produced by Black composers across the UK.

Find more details and apply here

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