We are excited to be working with the eight composers and creative artists who will be our New Voices 2021.

Spanning a broad range of genres and practice, all eight New Voices want to make changes to, and effect development within, their work. We are hugely excited they have joined the programme and look forward to working alongside them on this next step in their creative practice. Read more about each of the artists below.

New Voices is Sound and Music's major artist development programme, lasting 18 months with an annual intake.


Ben Nobuto

Ben is a British/Japanese composer, pianist and producer from Kent. With a style described as ‘postmodern’ by Nonclassical, his music explores themes of attention and fragmentation, often drawing from internet culture and popular idioms in a playful, ironic and surreal manner.

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Chisara Agor

Chisara's art contains recurring themes of ever-shifting environments and constantly (r)evolving juxtapositions of experience. From society, to politics, to how we find joy, Chisara's work is as much about the world around them as it is their own personal interpretation of it.

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Gwen Sion

Gwen is an experimental composer, pianist and multidisciplinary artist. Her work is primarily sound-based although she often incorporates elements of sculpture, moving image, photography and text to create multi-sensory installations.

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Tylor is a British/Bajan, queer + working class artist creating under the pseudonym illyr. 

They are a self taught singer, songwriter and record producer, and released their first music EP with coverage from Pitchfork and a live streamed performance through Dazed + NTSRadio (June 2017). They also make films, choreograph + are a performance artist. 

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Jennifer is highly respected globally not only as a world class fiddler but as an ambassador for traditional Orkney music.  She is internationally recognised as one of the leading fiddle players and composers to come out of Scotland in recent years; influencing and inspiring players all around the world.

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Romarna is a drummer, composer and producer from Birmingham. Music is at the heart of everything that Romarna does, with a particularly great Hip-Hop and Jazz influence. Music has allowed her to travel extensively and study at Berklee College of Music.

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Rylan is a Leith-based composer and vocalist whose musical practice involves mending the unfeigned gaps in his classical study with the healings of imaginative neuro-/gender-divergent kinship. Re-emerging as a composer/performer, his recent work has explored the instrumental qualities of his late-breaking trans-masc voice through queer autoethnography, and autistic-specific notation.

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Yohan is a self-taught pianist/keyboardist from north-west London. He has spent the past 4 years touring & recording extensively, most notably as 1/8 of KOKOROKO, in addition to various other collaborations including Yussef Dayes, Lex Amor & ELIZA. 

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Sound and Music would like to thank our New Voices panel for the work they put into the process of shortlisting 18 candidates from 253 applicants to the programme.

In line with our Fair Access Principles, we want to have an open and transparent selection process and this year, as in previous rounds, we have rotated the external selection panellists to refresh and renew the process.

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The panellists

The panel consisted of Sound and Music Co-Head of Artist Development Will Dutta alongside:

Thanks to our funders

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