Composer’s Toolkit: 4. Sources of Funding

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4. Sources of Funding

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Sound and Music’s Funding Opportunities

Sound and Music’s Composer Curator programme supports entrepreneurial artists from a range of disciplines looking to create their own opportunities by curating their own events. Artists involved in the programme receive a bespoke package of financial, marketing and audience development support tailored to their individual requirements.

Sound and Music’s Francis Chagrin Award provides composers with funding for costs associated with composing. On average successful applicants are awarded around £100.

Lottery Funding

Lottery Funding is for constituted groups only. Awards for will fund arts activity as long as it also delivers their own agendas, including improving the urban environment and healthy, active communities. Arts Council England and Youth Music are distributors of lottery money set aside for music activity.

Arts Council

The Arts Council in your region provides funding for individual artists. When applying, you will need to demonstrate why your work is important and how the public will benefit from your project. The Arts Council launched a new fast-track application scheme on 1st March 2010, which means that applications for less than £10,000 will be processed in six weeks.

Government and Local Authority

Government and local authority will also provide funding support in your area, particularly if you can express and deliver a social agenda that is part of their arts strategy through your project.

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and foundations tend to provide funding for registered charities or groups with a constitution, but some may also provide support for individual artists.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a commercial transaction between yourself and a company, where a company gives you cash in return for branding or logo placement. Companies may also provide donations or in-kind support to improve their image through philanthropy.

Bursaries and Development Grants

Bursaries and development grants are available to develop your work and projects. These opportunities are provided by trusts and the Arts Council.

Research and Education Funding

There are a number of funds available to support academic research and education. You will need to have a good academic track record and clear ideas of your research. Funding is also available from charitable organisations and trust funds for projects that support learning and education with young people or disadvantaged groups.

Earned Income

When considering support for your project, you can also think of ways to sell your work or charge an admission fee for a performance. This may require some financial risk, so you have to consider the feasibility of supporting your project this way.

In-kind Support

There are many areas where support can be provided in-kind. Some venues may provide you a space for free – as long as they are involved in the production process or can bring visitors to the space. If you have friends who are designers, they may also be open to designing a flyer or leaflet for you that could be contributed to their portfolio. There are a number of ways to exchange favours with your friends and peers in your community. This kind of support can be invaluable for supporting your work in the future.

Individual Giving

You don’t need to know a millionaire donor to get money for the project. Many small donations can add up — see services such as

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