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We are excited to announce that we have our very own show on Resonance FM. Every Friday at Midday and Monday at 9 AM, you will hear an hour of Sound and Music content.

The first half will be from an episode of our podcast, then be followed by half hour of uncut music from the featured composers.

This is a great opportunity to empower the composers who have worked with us. We encourage you to tune into the live shows on Resonance FM.

Our podcast focuses on a topic relevant to the world we live in today. From the abstract concept of time to the urgent topic of climate change.

The next episode that will be aired on Resonance FM is on Queerness. Composers Reeta Loi, Michael Wolters and Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser share their music and thoughts exploring queerness in music. What does it mean to be a queer composer today, and is there such a thing as queer music?

From the playful to the divine, we listen to a drag character lost in space, gender-bending tracks, and work that plays with failure as a creative starting point.

Tune in at Midday on Friday to hear us live. If you miss it, the show will be repeated at 9 AM on Monday. Can’t make either show? Listen to the full podcast episode on our podcast page.

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