ISCM World New Music Days 2025 — British Section Shortlist Announced

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The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is an international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of new and contemporary music. Sound and Music represents the British Section of the ISCM and supports British composers to have work performed at the annual ISCM World New Music Days Festival.

Following a competitive application process, members of the ISCM British Section Board have selected the 6 composers who will be submitted to the ISCM International Jury for consideration for the 2025 World New Music Days Festival. At least 1 will be selected for performance at the Portugal festival from 30 May to 7 June 2025. The shortlisted composers are:

“I feel very lucky to have been shortlisted for this as it would be amazing to travel to the ISCM conference and get to know composers and performers from around the world. A lot of my work revolves around close collaborations with performers and ensembles, so I’m excited to see what new connections this might bring and what new music it might lead to.

“It’s fantastic to be shortlisted and acknowledged by such an esteemed and enlightened organisation as the ISCM, especially at a time where music, and the arts more generally, are increasingly under attack in the the UK. It would be an incredible honour to be selected and have the wonderful opportunity to share my work as part of the global contemporary music community. It’s invaluable to my practice be able to hear my larger-scale works, an experience that is always surprising and humbling.”

“I’m really pleased to be selected for the ISCM British Section – it’s such an exciting idea for musicians all around the world to come together and celebrate and share what they’re doing. This piece, “Silicon Soul” is the third movement of a larger-scale orchestral work examining AI and classical music. It took me a very long time to write and involved a huge amount of collaboration with the BBC Philharmonic, who gave its first performance, and various computer scientists. I’m delighted it resonates with people! I really had no idea when I wrote this movement on whether it would work – artistically or technologically. This selection inspires me to continue to take those risks and do things I’m not sure will work.


“Originally created in Paris under the title CONNAISSEZ-VOUS LE CRI DU CHOCARD? supported by the Franco-British fund Diaphonique, I am delighted that this resurrection of extinct bird cries has also been considered worthy of attention on the British side of the waters. My work doesn’t have a message – it isn’t propaganda – but the proposition of a question is in some ways an open love letter to those who might wish to receive it. Perhaps ISCM will help my letter reach people I might not otherwise have found? That they might find me? Perhaps there is something more to be learnt from the voices of extinct bodies and how they relate to those of the living in the context of the future we are making?”

“I’m delighted to have been one of the composers chosen for this shortlist. It’s a great honour and I’m very thankful to Sound and Music for selecting my work. This marks a great step forward in my career. I’m happy that the work will have the possibility of being shown to a much wider audience, leading to new opportunities.” 

“I’m really delighted to have been shorlisted for the ISCM British Section. Its very rewarding to be considered alongside such a brilliant group of U.K. composers, for a global gathering of music makers. I’m looking forward to the possibilities to come. It’s very exciting to have this opportunity to present my work on a world stage, and to make contact with new audiences and contexts, beyond the U.K. I’m hugely appreciative of the invitation to contribute my work to a broader conversation around ecology too, and to be part of music’s role in re-framing shared ideas around our future.

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