International Women’s Day 2022: Our data

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Since publicly releasing our data on International Women’s Day 2016, we have been committed to addressing the barriers that prevent women and minority genders from applying to, participating in and engaging with their work, as well as with the wider music sector. Despite significant improvements during this period, including major sector-wide change through our widely praised Fair Access Principles, our data shows there is still work to be done.

Our CEO, Susanna Eastburn says in her latest blog,

“Only through transparency, honest reflection and open conversations can barriers be understood and progress made.”

Susanna Eastburn



  • A rise and fall: In our 2021-22 report, we saw a rise in applications to our programmes from all genders, including almost three times as many women (an increase of 193% since 2020-21). However, the proportion of applications from women overall has dropped to 35% (a decrease of 25% since last year). Our selection processes improved this rate of representation to 42% women but this is still a decline of 9% year on year.
  • Expanded data set: We have offered more programmes and opportunities this year, and as a result, the infographic benefits from an enriched dataset.
  • Better representation: For the first time, we’re reporting applicants who identify as non-binary and minority genders, continuing in the spirit of fair access and transparency.
  • Higher response rate: In 2021, over 20% of respondents to our EO form chose not to answer or not to disclose their gender, and in 2022, only 5% of respondents preferred not to provide their gender.
  • First time applicants: In 2022, 37% of first time applicants were women and 2% were non-binary.
  • Sources: Applicants who identify as women were more likely to hear about our programmes and opportunities via social media than any other source.

If you would like to share your experience with us or have something to say about these findings please send us your thoughts via this form.

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International Women’s Day 2022 by Susanna Eastburn

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