Access and Support at the Composition School

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We are committed to being inclusive of young D/deaf and disabled people, and anyone with access requirements, and to ensure all young people are given the resources and support they need to make the Composition School a great experience for them. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the wheelchair accessibility of all of the Composition School venue, but we are committed to supporting all wheelchair users and in the past have been able to welcome wheelchair-using students on the course. 

You are welcome to get in touch at any stage of the application process to have a chat about how we can best support you to make the most of the week.


What is a day like at the Composition School?

The week will primarily consist of small, interactive classroom workshops, with some larger group activities during the evening. All groups will have access to computers on the site to print any material, record scores, export digital files etc. 

Breaks from work are encouraged and there are timetabled relaxed activities throughout the course.


All young people are assigned a chaperone, who is briefed on their needs and is the young person’s first point of contact for assistance or to ask any questions. 

We have multiple quiet rooms available throughout the site for young people experiencing sensory issues and anyone needing a quiet space. These can be used at any time during the timetabled day, and all staff are supportive to young people who may have to leave a class/concert or who use ear defenders/headphones, stim toys etc. 

There are also provisions in place to support young people with dietary requirements and needing storage for medication. There are also first-aid trained staff present throughout the week. 


More information about the accommodation at the Composition School venue will be available shortly. The Education Team are happy to talk with any young person in advance to their arrival to ensure there are in an accommodation they feel most comfortable in.

Gender-inclusivity at the Composition School

The Composition School is an open and inclusive environment, and we respect the identities of all our young people and work with them to ensure the environment is affirming to their identities. 

There will be gender-neutral and gendered toilets at the venue and we encourage young people to use whichever they feel most comfortable in.  

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