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Chris Joseph

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In September We’re All Bats began a Listening Arts Channel, presenting free workshops and activities aiming to expand one’s appreciation of sound, sharing skills for listening and exploring we may learn as individuals and society by developing our aural perception.

It is curated by Joel Cahen and Daniel W J Mackenzie.


What We’re Looking For

For the next seasons (late Dec – May), pending further funding, we’re inviting proposals for masterclasses, workshops and activities that follow the channel’s aims, and involving other art forms such as performance, visual arts and digital media.

We look for creative use of available tools: online facilities, remote audiences, devices, external spaces, stories, our bodies, our minds.

Previous themes include sound healing, deep listening, field recording, ASMR, sound cultures, alternative installation spaces and audio documentaries. We’re open to works within these and any others that an arts channel may inspire.

Age groups are from young children to the elderly. We’re also looking for work for those with mixed abilities and learning difficulties.

Proposals structured over a maximum seven episodes are preferred. We also welcome single events, shorter runs, new, pre-existing or reformatted projets. Unfinished projects are welcome depending on requirements for completion. We particularly encourage live participatory workshops.

We welcome applications from people who see themselves as disadvantaged in the cultural arena.


Distribution lists and presents the programme, with embedded platforms like Zoom, Twitch, Youtube etc. Where possible we record episodes for an archive, accessible for members to view in their own time, or as repeats.



The fee per episode is scalable and discussed for shortlisted proposals. Given the flexibility of what we can accept, it may differ for each contributor. We can also offer up to £175 development fees, and encourage direct-to-artist donations via a PayPal button on your dedicated series page.



Email by November 16th – subject line: Programme Submission: [title] with:

• Your name / project name*
• Short description*
• Long description / supporting media*
• Website / CV
• Contact details* [*required]

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