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First opened in 1974 Warwick Arts Centre is a pioneering Arts Centre on University of Warwick campus and open to everyone.

Located in Coventry between Canley and Kenilworth and just 15 minutes from the city centre, Warwick Arts Centre attracts over 700k visitors every year, drawing on audiences from across the UK and beyond. Our music centre provides individual and group tuition and support to more than 20 ensembles and over 1000 students each year. We offer a diverse contemporary programme of theatre, dance, music, comedy, exhibitions and independent cinema and an orchestral programme. Our creative learning team and audience development officer develop and deliver participatory and engagement opportunities in the Arts Centre and in community and school settings.

The Music Centre is for everyone. We believe passionately in the power of music and creative experiences to transform lives, enhance education, and build communities. The University of Warwick offers no formal, academic study of music practice. Our programme is inclusive, and designed to be accessible for anyone, regardless of their age, background, or level of experience. We aim to be world leaders in providing unrivalled opportunities for social music-making in higher education. This includes providing professional leadership, collaborating across art forms with distinguished artists, delivering an innovative outreach and community programme and working with musicians from across a diverse range of musical experiences and backgrounds.

We currently have a team consisting of an Acting Head of Music, Associate Artists, Administrator/Projects Officer, Choral Assistant and an Administrator.

Warwick Arts Centre is looking to employ an Orchestral Conductor to oversee the instrumental ensembles managed by the Music Centre. These include: The University of Warwick’s Symphony Orchestra (UWSO), Brass Society, Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra.

You will be required to rehearse, conduct and lead the artistic direction of UWSO. You will work with student bodies and the Music Centre team to develop our ensembles and programme exciting and musically challenging concerts. Your choice of programme will need to be accessible for musicians across a range of abilities.

You will work with the Head of Music and Associate Artists to develop and deliver student and professional concerts that reflect the artistic direction of the Arts Centre and to respond to student interest and demand. You will work with the Executive Committees of other Music Centre ensembles to impart skills and expertise in programming, rehearsal management and conducting where necessary.

Fee £10,000 (paid by monthly invoice) to include:
30 term-time days (you will be responsible for managing your time but must be available to lead UWSO rehearsals on Tuesday evenings during term time (dates available here: https://warwick.ac.uk/study/termdates/#2023)
3 UWSO concerts (1 per term, dates available on request)
7 days planning/meeting time with Music Centre (out of University term time)

Please contact Acting Head of Music, Chris Mapp on chris.mapp@warwick.ac.uk if you wish to discuss this role further.
Applications should be sent by email by Thursday 15th June to music.centre@warwick.ac.uk. Please include a copy of your CV, details of two referees and a covering letter detailing why you are interested in this role, outlining your skills and expertise in relation to the Job Description.

You must be available for the following dates/times:
Interview date: Tuesday 20th June (daytime)
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to lead a trial rehearsal with the Orchestra on Tuesday 27th June (between 7 and 9pm)

Expectations products and deliverables from September 2023 onwards
• Must have a degree or equivalent qualification in music, with training in orchestral conducting.
• Have relevant experience of working with students within a range of instrumental abilities and experience.
• Able to collaborate with other student led societies, where necessary (this could include, but not limited to, the Opera Society, Percussion Ensemble and Folk Music Society)
• A proven track record in creating appropriate programmes of music for a student Symphony Orchestra.
• Able to work in collaboration with the Music Centre’s Associate Artists to programme joint concerts.
• A desire to explore additional opportunities for the instrumental ensembles within the university.
• Able to work to a budget (music hire, instrumental constraints, soloists etc..) when programming affordable concerts.
• Able to work with and alongside professional instrumentalists as section leaders and performers during weekly rehearsals and on concert days.
• A desire to work with student bodies to develop the ensembles.
• A desire to work with student bodies to develop a varied and rich programme of music.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• An understanding of other musical disciplines (choral, pop, studio work etc…)
• Experience in participating in audition panels. The role may require contribution to auditions for: scholarships, UWSO, concerto competition etc.

Resources available
The Music Centre’s Administrator and Projects Officer will assist with co-ordinating venue hire, music management, concerts and the contracting of additional professional instrumentalists. All ensembles have a president who will take care of the day-to-day running of each group. The Head of Music and Associate Artist will also be available to assist on any relevant matters.

Communication and reporting
To communicate regularly with the members of the Music Centre team in person, via email and telephone.
To attend strategic planning and general meetings online and in person as required.

Conflict of Interest
The successful applicant will be expected to sign the University of Warwick’s disclaimer re conflict of interests in regard to other projects or work being undertaken.

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