Open call for partners: Climate Sound Walk Award

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This opportunity is a request for collaborator, please note it may not adhere to Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles.

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We are looking for partners to establish a Climate Sound Walk Award; an extension of the existing Sound Walk September Awards.

Support creative responses to the climate crisis

Be a part of setting up a new commission to support artistic responses to the climate crisis. We are a highly experienced group of organisations dedicated to sound walking – through walking art practice and geolocative audio walks. It is our intention to foster and support creation of impactful artistic projects. The Climate Sound Walk Award will recognise the best responses to our open call through micro grants and a prize.

What we are asking

A donation from you will support the creation and promotion of a number of sound walks, as well as the establishment of cutting edge artistic practice. We are asking for a minimum donation of €600.

We estimate the total budget of the Climate Sound Walk Award at 12000 euros.

Who we are

walk · listen · create is the home of walking artists and artist walkers, as well as Sound Walk September.

ECHOES is a platform for making immersive, interactive audio walks.

Micro grants and prizes

There are two stages to the Climate Sound Walk Award.

In the first stage we will award 25 micro grants of €250 to the best proposals. These are intended for the recipients to use towards the creation of their proposed sound walk. The format of the sound walks is completely open.
Recipients get access to a specialist to provide advice.

A top prize of €1000 will be awarded for the best sound walk, and €500 for a runner-up. The submission is open to all, not just grant recipients.

Expected outcomes

Individual grant recipients will be selected, in part, based on their intended objectives, and through that, our interpretation of their expected outcomes. We will look for proposals that expect to influence, or facilitate the following:

  • Behavioral change with the consumers of the produced works, towards limiting climate change.
  • Capacity building of the grant recipients, specifically in an improved artistic expression of the individual creators, and an improved level of technical skills.
  • Usage of the created work as calls to action in favour of working against climate change, by the general public.
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