Open Call: Choirs - Are you interested in Premiering and Video recording a short new Choral Work? - Funding £1,000

Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis

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This opportunity is a request for collaborator, please note it may not adhere to Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles.

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Open Call: Choirs – Are you interested in Premiering and Video recording a short new Choral Work?

Type: Funding (£1,000)

Interest Areas: SATB/Choral/A Cappella/New Music/Choirs/Choir Directors/Seasonal/Christmas

30th September 2022 for responses. (31st December 2022 for video recordings.)


Talented and enthusiastic choir required to direct rehearsals and arrange for performance and video recording(s) of a short new seasonal choral work: A Christmas Greeting!

A Christmas Greeting! Is scored for SATB a cappella choir. Composed in 2022, it is a very short and tuneful minimalist piece (approx. 1 minutes: 10”, and only 22 bars!). The choir director/leader will be responsible for arranging the video recordings of the performance, and videoing finished dress rehearsals of the piece, (2 or 3 separate video recordings from different angles will be required for video editing and final video creation purposes). The composer will liaise online occasionally with the choral director/leader. The composer will also arrange to have the supplied video recordings edited and will arrange production of the final completed video.
Subject to suitably high-quality HD audio/video recordings being supplied, the video performance may be advertised for publicity in BBC Music Magazine or similar music magazine(s) and/or website(s) for publicity of this new piece and publicity for the choir.

The composer is particularly looking for a choir that is enthusiastic and genuinely interested in this new music. If you are interested in this opportunity please email: giving your website details and links to video recordings of some of your most recent choral performances, please also give a little background about your choir.

Choral directors/leaders and choirs from all backgrounds are invited to apply; selection will include:

  • Performance experience, technical expertise and professionalism
  • Choir size (preferably 16+) and availability (could your choir include this piece in its Christmas programme and video record it this year?)
  • Music training/qualifications/membership to choral associations etc.
  • Proposed performance space (Practice studio, Hall, Large room, Church, Cathedral etc.)
  • Proposed video recording method(s) and equipment (only need to be good high quality HD audio/video recordings, not finished professional recordings as further professional video editing will subsequently be carried out).

Further details about this new work including a SATB perusal score (scroll to the bottom of the page and see under: Details/View Score) and a digital recording (piano reduction for rehearsal only) can be found at:

A Christmas Greeting! | British Music Collection

If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond if you have looked through the perusal score and are confident your choir can comfortably perform this piece. And appreciating the 31st December deadline is quite tight, that you can dedicate the necessary time to rehearse sufficiently to have this piece performance ready by the end of the year.

Many thanks for showing an interest in this opportunity and the music.

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