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We are seeking unique multidisciplinary UK based musicians to join the pioneering electric Moon Convoy crew and tour with us around England as a part of this once in a lifetime mobile educative and learning residency. Get £100 a day- (during the tour only- expenses provided, travel and accommodation paid for) for 22 days and join the Moon Arkestra as it moves around the UK. This programme is led in collaborations with our friends of the free, pluralistic and transnational charity University of the Underground. 18-25 year olds are encouraged to apply, but the opportunity is open to people of all ages.

Please read all the info about this residency onto the University of the Underground website. A summary of the practical elements are detailed below.

It involves giving classes but also taking some (sometimes virtual sometimes physical), tutorials with an international teaching team of unconventional thinkers, activists, artists, dreamers of the day and nightlife artists.

Deadline for applications: 21st March
Interviews (virtual) : 24th and 25th March
Results articulated: 28th March
The programme with the University of the Underground starts: April 22nd 2022 with a Symposium Day
Programme week 1 with the University of the Underground 25th – 29th April – creative workshop week
Programme week 2 with the University of the Underground  2nd – 6th May – independent rehearsal week
Start of the Tour de Moon convoy: 10th May
Interim presentations with the University of the Underground: 1st June
End of Convoy: 16th June
Final presentation (virtual) with the University of the Underground: June 30th

As a part of the Moon Arkestra residency you will also join the Tour de Moon Convoy Crew for:

  • 22 event days across 13 cities from May 11th until 16th June 2022
  • 10 days of events are evenings only 18:00-23:00
  • 12 of the events are full day events from 10:00-23:00

Please note that there will be some travel time required around these 22 show days.

This is a paid opportunity:
£100 a day fee, for 22 days, plus £25 expenses per diem. We provide hotels and travel. Total £2,750 for each member.


  • We welcome UK based musicians, independent learners, artists, ​recent graduates ​and other young creative minds who are able to handle research whilst still being able to create and produce. Participants need to have a strong creative direction, independent working attitude, self-motivation, self-determination to learn, lots of ideas with a very open mind, the ability to learn from their peers and a willingness to venture into new territories. They need to have a proven track record of being involved with organising communities but also practice-based research. This is a fast pace and intense learning creative programme so we welcome participants who will have a creative approach to working and can create out of their comfort zone. We welcome musicians who can:– like sports and can work with the public playing our interactive sports games

    – DJ

    – can do workshops with the public

    – don’t mind joining a debate and organizing it

    – teaching

    – have a technical or productions background who know sound, video or maybe lights

    – want to be part of a team and something bigger

    – live and breathe Tour de Moon with 18 other people, you need to love people, be extremely creative and want to learn

18-25 year olds are encouraged to apply, but the opportunity is open to people of all ages.

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