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Applications for Launchpad Artist support are currently open!

Launchpad Artists is open to music creators based in Yorkshire and works to reach, select and support a diverse representation across music genres and communities.

Supported artists receive a combination of:

Advice sessions act to directly support the development of artists and are tailored to individual needs and creative/career aspirations. They acknowledge a need to empower artists with the skills and knowledge to navigate a career in music. Sessions with advisors cover management, releasing, songwriting, live, production and much more.

Recording support sees artists funded through a variety of professional standard recording projects. This has included funding towards mastering an album, producing and mixing a single, coordinating live filmed sessions and more. As always, support is tailored to the individual needs of the emerging artist or band.

Performance opportunities are offered in partnership with relevant regional promoters, venues and festivals to aid the development and profile of Launchpad Artists. So far this has included artists performing as part of ‘Live in the Square’, a 13-act all-day line up in Millennium Square coordinated by Music:Leeds.

In 2021, Launchpad Artists will be put forward for performance opportunities with:

  • Jazz re:freshed

  • Skipton Town Hall

  • Noisy Villages

  • Howard Assembly Rooms

  • Barnsley Live

and filmed sessions with Taboo amongst others.

Additionally, in 2021, Awesome Merchandise will be supporting a selection of artists with bespoke merchandise and advice to help support them build their brands and expose new streams of income.

Find out more and apply for Launchpad Artist support before Monday 17th May at 11pm here

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