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We have prepared a selection of samples from our Instruments INDIA sample pack, making them freely available for you to download and create new non-commercial tracks to submit to our competition. This competition is aimed at young producers and musicians age 14-21, to experiment and create new music of any style or genre with samples of Indian instruments. The sample pack showcases the beautiful sounds of Indian instruments, performed by renowned Indian musicians in partnership with Milap – the UK’s leading Indian arts development hub. The sample pack includes a selection of one-shots and loops, and you are free to use as little or as many samples as you like in your creations.

A shortlist will be selected by an expert judging panel, and these works will feature in an online concert later this year as part of Milap’s online event series. During this event, three winners will be announced for the age categories 14-17 (UK-based), 18-21 (UK-based), and 14-21 (International Award). There will be a £500 award for the winner of each category. Those shortlisted will be asked to provide proof of age and residence.

If you would like to take part, please email Hayley Suviste ( for a download link for the free sample pack.

The deadline to apply is 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021. Please make your submission via our online submission form.


Artists & Instruments

When creating your new works, make sure to engage with and learn about the instruments that feature in the sample pack – learn about the instruments, their history and culture, and the musicians that provided the samples. Let this inform your creativity! Each instrument has its own information page on the Instruments INDIA website, click on the links below to find out more about them.


Find out more about these instruments and the musicians on the Instruments INDIA website


Rules/Entry Requirements

  • Free to enter
  • Create a track using only the samples provided in the sample pack. You may not use synths or extra samples to create sounds. The sounds in the sample pack must be the only sound sources/generators.
  • Any genre or style of music is accepted
  • Tracks must be between 2-4 minutes in length
  • You may submit only one track
  • These samples are for use in this competition only, not for commercial use
  • Engage with the Instruments INDIA website, to learn about the instruments that feature in the pack and the musicians that have performed them. Let this inform your creativity!
  • Deadline: 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021

Please remember these samples are for non-commercial use only, you are free to share your new works, but you must give credit to the Instruments INDIA project. By downloading these samples, you agree to these terms and not to use these samples in any commercial activity, such as a release or sale of these samples.


How to submit your work

Please submit your music via our submission form by 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021.

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