Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring oboist Ava Wirth

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Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring oboist Ava Wirth

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for Ava Wirth. For this Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, we are looking for oboe solos specifically written for Ava Wirth.

Selected works will be premiered on Saturday May 6, 2023 on Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Ava Wirth.

This performance will be presented as a live streaming online concert and broadcasted to multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Only works one-minute in length for oboe will be considered.



-Deadline for works is January 31st, 2023

-Works are for oboe solo only.

-No works over one minute (60 seconds) will be reviewed.

-Works should be composed specifically for this call and performer.

-All pieces must be premieres.

-Multiple submissions are not accepted.

-Works need to be submitted online at

-You will need to register with Music Avatar for free to submit your work online.

-After logging in to Music Avatar, select the opportunity named “Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring Ava Wirth” and press the “submit” button to start the submission process.

-You will need to provide a maximum 50 word biography and 50 word program notes.

-You will be able to upload a score as a PDF file (You are also encouraged to upload an audio realization of the work)

-Must include the dedication to Ava Wirth on the score.

-Performance notes should be included in the score.

-Selected works will be broadcasted online to multiple video streaming platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. No performance royalties will be paid.

-Selected composers will be asked to sign a consent form. (Composers retain their author rights.)

-Results will be announced via the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame website and the Vox Novus mailing list.

More can be found be found at:


Ava Wirth

Ava Wirth is a Chicago based oboist with a focus on contemporary music. As a soloist, she has placed in competitions in the Midwest, including the 2019 Tuesday Musical Solo Competition Woodwind Division and the 2019 New Albany Symphony Orchestra (NASO) Concerto Competition Senior Division. She has performed as a soloist with the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) New Music Ensemble at the 2018 and 2019 BGSU New Music Festivals as well as performing the Legacy Concerto by Oscar Navarro with the NASO in 2019.

As an avid supporter of contemporary music, Ava has taken part in commissions and recordings that promote new works. In 2018, she was principal oboist on the BGSU Wind Symphony CD, Trends: New Music for Wind Band, Vol. 1. Her most recent commissions and collaborations include Adam Kennaugh’s 2020 work for solo oboe, You’re Here Because Someone Won a Fight With a Rock and Josh Trentadue’s 2021 piece for five-part ensemble, Meditation and Hymn to Nature, which was commissioned by her ensemble, The _____ Experiment.

In her time at DePaul University, Ava performed as principal oboe and english horn with the DePaul Symphony Orchestra and DePaul University Wind Ensemble. In her free time, Ava enjoys tending to her succulents and watching comedy movies. She has earned a Master’s in Music from DePaul University while studying with Alex Klein (2022) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Bowling Green State University while studying with Dr. Nermis Mieses (2020).


Style Guide

Oboe Model: Loree Royal

Range: Bb3 – C7

–           Bb3 – Eb4, preferred dynamics are from mp – f. The natural tendencies of the notes may make it not sound as soft or as loud as notated.

–           E4 – to G6, comfortable in all dynamic ranges. Alternate fingerings can be used to make some notes softer or louder than original fingering allows.

–           G#6 – A6, preferred dynamics are mf – f. The natural tendencies of the notes may make it not sound as soft or loud as notated.

–           A#6 – C7 , pp – p. If writing these notes, please leave time for embouchure and fingering preparation.


–           Fast technical passages are enjoyed. For reference, the fingerings associated with G major and D major are the easiest to play fast.

–           Upward intervals are easier than downward intervals. Intervals in either direction can be articulated or slurred, easiest when articulated.

–           Vibrato will be used unless indicated otherwise.

Extended techniques:

–           Circular breathing – can be done for long periods of time. Easiest on moving notes, but can be done on held notes. Easiest to use in mid- register, but can be done in all but the highest register (G6 – C7).

–           Flutter tongue – achieved by rolling ‘R’s’. Cannot be done for extended periods of time – more air leaves the embouchure during this. Easiest in mid-register, but can be done up to G6.

–           Multiphonics – refer to the books on contemporary oboe. Not all of the multiphonics will work the same on my Loree Royal as they do on the other oboe models used for the books. Please indicate fingering.

–           Harmonics – refer to books on contemporary oboe.

–           Pitch bends – can be done with embouchure and/or keys. Refer to books on contemporary oboe.

–           Double tonguing – can be done, easiest in mid register. I do not prefer periods of extended fast articulations, single or double tongue.

–           Alternate fingerings – the less fingers used in the original fingering, the more opportunities for alternate fingerings. These can be used for dynamics, tonal changes, or microtonal tuning.

–           Microtones – refer to books on contemporary oboe. Please indicate fingering, some can be done with embouchure.


–           The Techniques of Oboe Playing, Peter Veale, published by Barenreiter

–           Oboe Unbound, Libby Van Cleave


Hear Ava Wirth at:


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is 15 one-minute works written by different composers specifically for a musician or ensemble. Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame gives a variety of new music by living composers to audiences hungry to hear what is being created in today’s music scene. The Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame project has featured more than 75 musician/ensembles premiering the works of over 1000 composers.

Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame is a Vox Novus project.

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