Digital:Connect - Bursaries for Black, Asian or ethnically diverse Disabled musicians through COVID-19

Chris Joseph

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We are excited to announce that, as part of the Digital:Connect programme, we are making 4 micro-bursaries of £500 available for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse artists to develop their creative/musical practice.

What are the bursaries for?

Our Digital:Connect small bursaries can be spent on something that helps you to grow as a musician. This can be anything that helps reduce your barriers to music-making.

Some examples could be:

  • new software or technology
  • mentoring sessions
  • captioning software for online meetings
  • music stands for your kit
  • attending a conference, training or networking

Bursary benefits

  • £500 to spend on developing your musical practice
  • Creative facilitation from DM’s Abigail Ward
  • Promotion of your work through DM’s networks
  • Access to DM’s music industry webinars and funding feedback service

We know that applying for opportunities takes time and we want to be clear that every application will receive careful consideration. Everyone who applies will receive some feedback on their application, if they would like it.

Who Can Apply?

The application process is open to Black, Asian and ethnically diverse musicians who identify as Disabled. This is a pan-impairment term which we use to include Deaf, Neurodivergent, Visually Impaired and/or Disabled people.


Deadline for applications: Thursday 7th January 2021
Successful applicants announced: Thurs 14th Jan 2021

Apply via the Drake Music website

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