Apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi

Grace Bailey

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Katie Rose, Inspiral Lounge Camden.
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Would you like to Apprentice in Vocal Tai Chi? Would you like to expand or develop a creative vocal practice? Would you like to offer Vocal Tai Chi as an Artist-Leader in one-to one-sessions, to groups and and explore it as part of your compositional and performance practice? 

Some part-grant are available to apply for and one full scholarship.

DATES – March 27th – July 18th 2023. North London. 90 hours of contact time spread over three, five day modules. 

Vocal Tai Chi was founded by Jenni Roditi in 2012. Her work helps you both expand and relax into your voice, as if it were the very ground of your being, from where you uncover and follow hidden threads on a musical journey of your own making. With the help of Jenni’s experienced coaching and a method founded by pioneering singing teacher Alfred Wolfsohn in the 1930’s, this voicework uncovers a wider vocal range than conventional SATB. Tai Chi is part of the mix as a reliable centring, grounding and opening bodywork practice, while working with vocal improvisation.

You develop your voice work creatively and therapeutically, allowing an authentic aliveness to your singing to emerge in the moment as you hear yourself from new vocal perspectives, and others’ hear you.

Mixing meditative and creative processes, Vocal Tai Chi offers individually-resourced languages of expression, – drawn from the parts of you that need or wish to be heard or simply arise from within, without your knowing why.  These parts can arise of their own volition if given permission to reveal themselves.  They may have been hidden for a long time and need some careful excavation.  In so singing, improvising, at this level of conscious attention to voice, while remaining open and receptive, Vocal Tai Chi brings out new imaginative voices, and emergent free form compositional structures that can be the basis of new pieces to be developed. The music enriches your voice palette and others’ listening experiences.

This can become the foundation of an educational and a compositional approach and resource for decades, in both helping others and growing your own artistic development, as it has for Jenni.

Vocal Tai Chi is written about at some length in Jenni’s forthcoming chapter ‘Beyond Music Workshops, A Composer and A Community’ to be published in the ‘Routledge Companion to Women’s Musical Leadership – the Nineteenth Century and Beyond’ in November 2023, edited by Prof. Helen Julia Minors and Dr. Laura Harmer.

Jenni also appraises her two improvisation choirs in the chapter, growing out of her thirty-three years working privately with clients and groups in creative, improvisatory, and therapeutic voice-workwith Tai Chi in the mix, as well as having composed extensively – especially in the field of vocal music.

Vocal Tai Chi she believes, is the basis for a healthy approach to singing, sounding individual voice work, creative and performance development, be that for singing, acting, public speaking or improved communications in the workplace and in the home.

…a brilliant Masterclass. Apart from all the brilliant vocal exercises and her approach to teaching, Jenni gently breaks down the barriers and clears the blocks that keep students from giving their optimum performance.” Audrey Marie Doherty, Performance Artist.

More information on the apprenticeship HERE (Please note the deadline for applications had been extended from February 1st to February 15th. There is also an invitation to join the course at the entry level, which means attending some, not all of the sessions. Work starts March 28th 2023 in Crouch End.

There are some part-grants available thanks to the generous donation of a supporter. To find out more and apply by February 15th 2023 please go to this link.

Cost: £2250. Part-grants of £750. One full scholarship is being offered.

On completion you will receive a ‘certificate of completion’ enabling you to be listed on the Vocal Tai Chi website as a Vocal Tai Chi artist-leader.


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