Wild Mix by Jenny Moore

Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis

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3:00 pm
10:00 pm
Modern Art Oxford


Suitable for under 18s?
Wild Mix by Jenny Moore
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An immersive punk choral musical


Wild Mix will take place as part of No. 80 Festival, which also includes talks and workshops. The festival lasts from 3pm-11pm, and Wild Mix will take place from 9pm-10pm in the yard. The festival ticket will admit you to any performance at the festival, capacity permitting. Each venue within the festival has a limited capacity. Once you have booked a festival ticket, you will receive a link for reserving a place place for Wild Mix. Spaces for this show are limited to 70 and will be allocated in order of booking. A queue system will be operated on the night and booked places will be released at 9pm, so please arrive on time to take up your booked place.

Wild Mix, an immersive musical by Jenny Moore, features a queer ensemble of 5 singers, drummers, and a kickboxer. They are friends, lovers, colleagues, housemates. Through a soaring 6-part song-cycle, multi-layered vocals, intense beats, and poignant storytelling, it asks: What does healing feel like? At its core lies Jenny’s unique instrument: a transparent, water-filled boxing bag with a hydrophone. Weighing 50 kilograms and towering like a human torso, the bag fosters a deeply personal, corporeal sonic relationship, shaping our interactions to elicit sound—it’s the soundscape’s heartbeat. Rooted in communal singing, kickboxing, and drumming, Wild Mix embodies the daily practices of queer healing.


We gather ourselves up to create some kind of embodied, ritual “yes.” 

We ask – is it possible to sing yourself back to life?


Written and Directed: Jenny Moore

Featuring: Bianca Stephens, Luisa Gerstein, Nandi Bhebhe, Sib Trigg, and Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani
Assistant Direction: Georgia Frost
Production: Lucia Fortune-Ely, Metal & Water 

Set Design: Kit Falck
Creative Development: Tanya Auclair, Tracky Crombie and F*Choir


Wild Mix is co-promoted with Young Women’s Music Project as part of No. 80 Festival, in partnership with Cowley Collective, Divine Schism, Green Arts Oxfordshire Network, hyperstition, Modern Art Oxford, mom was right, and QBear.

Banner photo credit: Katarzyna Perlak
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