Eroteme presents : Jean-Philippe Gross / Linda Jankowska / Joe Christman

Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis

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7:30 pm
10:15 pm
International Anthony Burgess Foundation, M1 5BZ
Ticket price
£10adv - £12otd
Suitable for under 18s?
Eroteme presents : Jean-Philippe Gross / Linda Jankowska / Joe Christman
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Eroteme returns to the Burgess Centre with a line-up featuring French electro-acoustic artist, Jean-Philippe Gross, UK-based composer and improviser – Linda Jankowska & West Yorkshire sound-artist – Joe Christman


At the crossroads of electronic and instrumental music, Jean-Philippe Gross develops a physical relationship with sound, playing with ruptures and acoustic phenomena.

In concert, he collaborates with Stéphane Garin (Dénombrement & Plan affine), eRikm, Clare Cooper (Nevers), Camille Mutel (dance), Jean-Luc Guionnet, Marc Baron …

Never locked into any systematism, Jean-Philippe Gross allows himself the extremes to take advantage of a wide field of possibilities and pays particular attention to the timbre, the grain and the quality of the sound, even rough. He works for dance, has composed for small ensembles (Dedalus ensemble, Phonoscopie).

From October 2001 to June 2009 he was engaged as a music program curator for Fragment (Metz, France). In 2019, he started the record label Eich.



Linda Jankowska is a musician whose practice orbits around long-term collaborations and multifaceted modes of working with sound that stretch her limitations. Primarily a violinist, she works at an intersection of instrumental performance, improvisation, and composition. Together with Katherine Young they co-created the site-specific installation and co-composition ‘boundarymind’, co-produced with ESS and 6018th North, which premiered in Chicago in June 2022. Linda is a founding member and co-artistic director of Distractfold Ensemble. She has performed internationally at various festivals both as a chamber musician and soloists. She recorded for Carrier Records, Kairos, Another Timbre and dFolds.

Parable of the Prize of Heaven (2024)

(for performer, fixed media, objects, electronics and video)

30 min

Parable of the Prize of Heaven follows a three-part trajectory of the composer’s set of biomythographic narratives derived from her upbringing in the Catholic tradition. Field recordings of church spaces, organs, reverberating footsteps and glass, are merged with vibrating transducers on cymbals, friends reading quotes from Octavia Butler and Søren Kierkegaard, and circuit-bent Casios to create a non-linear sonic journey through locations, people, relationships and existential ideology. The piece is both a reflection and a question asked about the nature of the organisation of life through religion.


Joe Christman

Based in West Yorkshire, Joe Christman (they/them) works with improvisation, composition and installation, with a focus on reuse and repurposing.

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