Sarah Ourahmane (n. 1998) is a British-Algerian cellist, vocalist, composer and producer who recently completed her graduate degree at the Superior Conservatoire of Catalunya in Film Composition. Her work is the result of a paradox; rough field recordings, or orchestral compositions met with polished electronic production and voice. She’s released on 3024 and her soundscapes have been commissioned and aired by Radio Alhara, Delfina Foundation (UK), Sculpture International Rotterdam (NL) and Operator Radio (NL). Recently, her work leans more towards composition for orchestra and smaller ensembles, culminating in the soundtrack for ‘To Have a Lover’ short-film recorded and written in collaboration with producer Ankit Suri and Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

Sarah was a Round 1 recipient of the 2022/3 Francis Chagrin Awards.

Sol de nit recording with Bratislava Symphony Orchestra commissioned by Charlotte Scobie