Samfire stands sideways to the camera which is angled up at her face. She drapes her face and upper body in sheer red fabric, holding it above her head. The out of focus background is coastal, with the sea and a small stretch of pebbles visible.

Samfire is an alternative artist and producer with a hypnotic sound. As a member of her school choir and orchestra, she was filled with a love of harmonies and rich epic sounds. This translates in the music that she makes. Her debut EP ‘Time’ received national airplay (BBC R2) and secured her a residency at the Camden Club. Other live music highlights include her first festival appearance at Wilderness. Currently she is working on a second EP, designed for the live experience. She also has a single releasing next month. As a producer, she has worked on commissions for the award winning Media Storm Podcast (British Podcast Awards’ best Current Affairs Podcast of 2022) and Students of the American Film Institute.

Samfire was a Round 1 recipient of the 2022/3 Francis Chagrin Awards.


Waiting For Summer-MP3