Naviar Records is a music community and record label: through regular publications, open projects and events, they explore the connection between experimental electronic music and traditional Japanese poetry. Since its inception in 2014, Naviar’s aim has been to offer an engaging online space to all those artists looking for ways to stay creative. To this day, Naviar is home for more than a hundred musicians worldwide.

Naviar’s founder, Marco Sebastiano Alessi, is an Italian-born ambient-electronic composer who makes music under the moniker Cryxuss. Before discovering his passion for electronic music and starting Naviar Records, Marco played the drums in various bands in Italy and the UK. He hosts the weekly radio show Naviar Broadcast on Resonance Extra and writes the Haiku Music column on the Haiku Foundation.

Their project, The Naviar Haiku Fest, is a cross-artform day of workshops, talks and live performances focused on experimental music and haiku, exploring how these two art forms can influence and inspire each other.