Born out of the natural spaces bordering the Lake District and nurtured in the creative landscape of Manchester, First Light Records is not constrained by genre or scene. A product of its environment, First Light is informed by an ongoing interest in the meeting of ideas around nature and heritage with the future-facing elements of electronic music and contemporary visual art.

Having known each other at secondary school and then moving to Manchester to study, the label’s founders Rob and Liam established First Light Records in 2017 to reflect their shared love of electronic music and aesthetic tastes.

Rob and Liam are part of Sound and Music’s 2020 Composer-Curator cohort. Their project ‘Third Space’ centres on an immersive installation combining film, field recordings and live electronics, encouraging audiences to re-examine their ideals around climate change, art and technology.


Dujat - Lost
Wazoo - Ghost (Substance Remix)
Inertya - New Dawn
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