A black and white image. Djanan Turan stands leaning slightly to one side with her hands behind her back, smiling slightly.

Djanan Turan is a singer/songwriter of Turkish descent. She started singing at the age of 14, and studied singing, harmony and composition with Timur Selcuk, an acclaimed Turkish musician. Since her arrival in the UK in 2001, she has been involved with the global club music scene–performing and collaborating with bands such as Oojami, Sam and The Womp and The Egg.

As a solo artist, Djanan has released an album (Düğüm), 2 EPs (Artigo, Maze) and 4 singles (Dunya, What She Wants, Dancing Feet, Kader Oyunu) which she co-produced, with 3 London based producers, Raz Olsher, Tansay Omar and George Botis.

Djanan was a Round 1 recipient of the 2022/3 Francis Chagrin Awards.