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We support and celebrate anyone working with music and sound across the UK through our artist development programmes: In the Making, for young composers aged 14-18 and In Motion, for those aged 18 and over.  

Our artist-led programmes run annually and build on 15 years of expertise to create a dynamic space for individuals to design and embark on their own creative journey. 

We strive to foster an active community by connecting composers across both programmes and equipping individuals to share their creative knowledge, skills and enthusiasms.  

For young composers

In the Making

In the Making is our annual trailblazing artist development programme for young people aged 14-18 and it is the only programme of its type in the UK that supports young composers. Across 12 months, 50 young people will be supported to grow their confidence and expand their skills and creative ambition in an open and accessible environment.

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Composition School

Our annual residential course that gives you the opportunity to explore your musical creativity. Whether you create in a Digital Audio Workstation, with a band, use notation, improvise or are curious about experimenting, we will support you to bring your ideas to life with the guidance of expert tutors, professional composers and musicians.

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New Music Labs

Our music labs offer insights into creating, producing and promoting your own music. They explore new ways of making music with some of the most exciting professional composers, artists, producers and music creators in the UK today. Each of these interactive lab sessions have been created with, and will be delivered by, young people.

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For composers aged 18 and over

Alice Boyd In Motion

In Motion is our annual artist development programme for anyone aged 18 and over working with music and sound in the UK. It is artist-led and celebrates the curious and intrepid. Over 18 months, 10 composers will be supported to design and undertake their own creative journey.


The Seed Award is a support package open to composers aged 18 and over who have applied to and reached the interview stage of our In Motion programme. It includes £250 seed funding, coaching and strategic thinking sessions with our expert team. We reflect on and evaluate the Seed Award annually.

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The International Society for Contemporary Music is an international network devoted to the promotion and presentation of new and contemporary music. The ISCM World New Music Days Festival 2024 will take place in the Faroe Islands, with at least one composer chosen to represent Britain through Sound and Music.

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Information for composers


Got a question about one of our programmes? Wondering what we mean by composer? How to apply? Or how you can support our work? Take a look over our answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

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The Sampler

The Fair Access Principles are a code of best practice for running successful and accessible artist development programmes. They aim to open up a positive conversation about how we can work as a sector to remove barriers to inclusion or consideration.

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Composers we've worked with

We support a diverse range of UK based composers to explore their artistic practice; to create new work and develop their careers and their audiences, through expert support, coaching, mentoring, awards, guidance and artistic bursaries.

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Resources for composers

British Music Collection

The British Music Collection is an exciting and diverse online space for UK-based composers create profiles representing themselves and their works. Join a constantly expanding archive of the most important names in UK composition, and take advantage of the unique opportunities a profile provides.  

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The Sampler

The Sampler is the leading hub for the UK new music scene, bringing together extraordinary new music activity from DIY nights, to livestreamed festivals, to workshops, sound installations and editorial. You can list your new music events to reach dedicated audiences, and read our editorials, reviews, and playlists.

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Music Patron logo

With Music Patron, you can give composers the freedom to create new music, connect with them, and truly support their art. Our goal is to connect thousands of patrons with the most exciting composers. We want Music Patron to channel unrestricted and significant funding to hundreds of music writers across the UK.

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