Sound and Music celebrate the BRIT Kids 20th anniversary

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The BRIT Kids 20th Celebration event showcased the talent of young composers through performances, visual art exhibitions and our very own Minute of Listening listening booths.

The BRIT Kids share our vision of a world where people of all ages and backgrounds can access, create and enjoy new music. Established in 2003 as the BRIT School’s creative weekend centres, they offer a safe place for local children to explore the arts.

The 20th Celebration event was a testament to what young people can achieve with access to creative resources and support. Alongside brilliant performances and engaging workshops, talks from tutors highlighted how the BRIT Kids remove barriers to the arts and open doors to higher education opportunities for their students.


How are Sound and Music involved? 

Since 2021, BRIT Kids Music Production course leader David Henckel has used our Minute of Listening resource to introduce new sounds and reflective listening to his lessons.

In April 2023, we announced a partnership with the BRIT Kids, inviting them to create their own 60-second sounds around the theme of friendship. In May 2023, the BRIT Kids ‘Friends and Feelings’ collection was launched on Minute of Listening. Composed by 20 talented young people aged 10-17, the collection tells the story of friendship from arguments to sleepover parties using a wide variety of music production techniques.


What is Minute of Listening?

Minute of Listening is Sound and Music’s free resource for creative listening. We invite everyone to take a minute to pause, listen and reflect.  With over 200 minutes to explore, from household names to experimental composition by young composers, there is something for us all to enjoy.

David Henckel made a set of listening booths where attendees of the BRIT Kids 20th Celebration event could listen to and enjoy the ‘Friends and Feelings’ collection. 

With a constant stream of excited audiences through the day, we saw a wide range of people take a minute to be mindful and enjoy the young composers creations. In the words of one of our listeners:


“It’s eye opening how we find a minute an elongated period to pass and listen. We ALL need to take time like this.”


How can I get involved? 

To listen to the BRIT Kids ‘Friends and Feelings’ collection all you need is a free Minute of Listening Account! Click here to start your listening journey.

The BRIT Kids are launching a new Music Production course at the BRIT Kids Canterbury this September. The course will echo the ethos of Music Production at the BRIT School. Lessons will include 1 hour classes for primary aged 7-10 year olds, and 2 hour classes for 11+ year olds. Applications are open now for a September start via this link.



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