Seed Award 2022 – Winners Announced!

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The  Seed Awardis an annual award, given to all shortlisted applicants for our New Voices  programme. 

All applicants to New Voices are shortlisted by both an internal and external panel, and all composers who reach the second stage of the application process and participate in an interview will receive the Seed Award. 

The artists will receive: 

  • £100 contribution to support the research and development of a particular project 
  • A coaching session with an accredited coach 
  • Two strategic thinking sessions with our team 

For more information about coaching, you can read our  Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit. 

Read Q&As with the recipients of the Seed Award 2022 at the links below:

The Seed Award is made possible with the generous support of individuals like you. There are many ways to get involved and every donation really does make a difference. 

If you are interested in exciting, challenging and progressive new music, please consider supporting our work.  Visit our support page or contact Chris Lillywhite, Fundraising Co-ordinator, directly at We’d love to hear from you! 

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