Music Theatre Wales’ Fair Access Commitments

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We’re delighted that Music Theatre Wales have joined us as partners in signing up to our Fair Access Principles in February 2022.

Developed through consultation with a broad range of composers and organisations, Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles are designed to act as a code of best practice for running successful, open and inclusive artist development programmes, competitions and awards for composers.

In signing up, Music Theatre Wales are committing to enact the Fair Access Principles across their work over the next two years. We recognise that organisations will need time to think about and implement changes within their programmes.

You can read their reasons for signing up and future commitments the organisation have made below.

Music Theatre Wales’ Statement

Our ambition at Music Theatre Wales is to be a force for change: to challenge opera’s tendency to cling to the past by forging a new and different direction of travel for the future of the art form.

We are committed to removing barriers to access and are proud to adopt Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles as part of our mission to explore how opera can embrace a wider range of artistic influences, and to champion artists who historically have been excluded or ignored by opera.

Michael McCarthy, Director 

Want to get involved?

We’re actively looking for more partners to join us in committing to these principles. Find out more about how to get involved by emailing our Co-Heads of Artist Development:

Read our Fair Access Principles

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