Live Music Now’s Fair Access Commitments

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We’re delighted that Live Music Now joined us as partners in signing up to our Fair Access Principles in May 2021.

Developed through consultation with a broad range of composers and organisations, Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles are designed to act as a code of best practice for running successful, open and inclusive artist development programmes, competitions and awards for composers.

In signing up, Live Music Now are committing to enact the Fair Access Principles across their work over the next two years. We recognise that organisations will need time to think about and implement changes within their programmes.

You can read their reasons for signing up and future commitments the organisation have made below.

Live Music Now’s Statement

“We value diversity and inclusion very highly at Live Music Now. For this to be realised in practice we recognise that we should not only reflect the diversity of the world in which we operate, but also be actively welcoming and inclusive of that diversity, making it possible for all to contribute to, and be valued within, what we do. We know we need to be proactive to make this happen, working to remove barriers to inclusion where we see them, including in our own ways of working, structures, attitudes and activity; asking ‘how do we exclude?’.

Becoming a Fair Access Principles partner is a significant step in our organisational inclusion journey. We are committed to taking action to progress our journey so that our commitment to D&I is holistic and reflected in the values, people, structures and activity of Live Music Now, from the Board, senior management, through the team to the musicians; in our recruitment, our language and the way that we design and deliver our work.

– Nina Swann, Executive Director of Live Music Now

Want to get involved?

We’re actively looking for more partners to join us in committing to these principles. Find out more about how to get involved by emailing Co-Head of Artist Development, Will Dutta, at:

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