LGBTQ+ Composers Call works go live

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In partnership with the LGBTQ+ Music Study Group, The British Music Collection have shared four new works:

  • ‘Peace of Mind : Piece of Mine’ by MÉLOMAN3
  • ‘Mass for the Masses’ by Ellie Showering
  • ‘Now the Time’ by Lunatraktors
  • ‘a remedy for the blues’ by Sophie Marie Niang and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach.

Find out more about the works, and listen to them below.

In ‘Peace of Mind : Piece of Mine’ – MÉLOMAN3 introduces us to a sensory journey travelling to the subconscious ideas that plague the mind regarding personal identity, sexuality and expression. Taking influences from the beat and music artist, ‘E.N.D.’, she relays the rollercoaster merry go round of discovering identity in a world that is fixed and against the norm. Throughout this journey, she engages listeners to be still and embrace the reality of standing outside of self, a juxtaposition of her reflection of her place in the world.


Ellie Showering’s Mass for the Masses is a response to the way the queer community, and other marginalised groups, have been sidelined by the Church for centuries. The piece itself is a celebration of identity and solidarity through a queer lens.

Folk duo Lunatraktors composed ‘Now the Time’ as an act of mourning for silenced voices and stories, attempting to transform erasure and violence into acceptance, transcendence and power.

Sophie Marie Niang and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach’s ‘a remedy for the blues’ explores the process of collective making and being, experimenting with forms of sound and text that are generative without relying upon defined end goals. It reinvigorates an articulation of queer love for the act of being with each other and making music together.

‘a remedy for the blues’ – Sophie Marie Niang and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach.

Both works were created earlier this year as part of a nationwide call for new sonic works celebrating queer histories, sounds and stories. Read more about the selected works here – including Q+As with all the winners. 

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