In Motion 2024 Q&A: Vicky Clarke

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Sound and Music’s In Motion programme brings together a diverse group of composers, each with a unique voice and vision. This Q&A series offers a glimpse into their creative worlds, revealing their musical influences, current projects, and aspirations for the future.

Here, we speak to In Motion 2024 composer Vicky Clarke (SONAMB).

Can you tell us about your musical influences?

My work takes material inspiration from concrete music, experimental electronic, ambient and noise, however I love rhythm and beats and listen to a range of music including jazz, techno and hip hop. Being from Manchester (and way before I got into field recording and electronic production), I started out playing guitar and trumpet, so my early music roots are very much through guitar bands and live gigs.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a new live AV piece ‘Neural Materials’, this is the outcome of an R&D commission from Cyborg Soloists, where I have been developing a new performance system for AI,modular electronics and sound sculpture, working with a ‘post industrial’ dataset of field recordings. I’m currently in rehearsals with my collaborator Sean Clarke on visuals, with performances starting this Spring.

What are you looking forward to most about In Motion?

I am most looking forward to working on new music and developing my craft as a composer and producer supported by the mentors and artists through In Motion. I am also looking forward to translating my sonic AI work in a new context of sound installation considering physical geometry, spatialisation and audience interaction.

Sound and Music is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Network Partner supported by PPL.

In Motion is made possible with the generous support of Arts Council EnglandJerwood Developing Artists FundThe Garrick Charitable Trust, Creative Scotland National Lottery and PRS Foundation.

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