In Motion 2024 Q&A: Siteng

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Sound and Music’s In Motion programme brings together a diverse group of composers, each with a unique voice and vision. This Q&A series offers a glimpse into their creative worlds, revealing their musical influences, current projects, and aspirations for the future.

Here, we speak to In Motion 2024 composer Siteng.

Can you tell us about your musical influences?

As a producer and singer-songwriter with a background in literature and theatre, I’m deeply inspired by the poetic theatricality of art pop pioneers like Kate Bush and Fever Ray, as well as the boundary-pushing sonic adventurousness of Björk. My Eastern roots also play a significant role, infusing my work with elements of experimental electronic fusion music.

Ultimately, I strive to forge a unique sound that is atmospheric, theatrical, and transcendent – a blend of vivid storytelling, immersive soundscapes, and explorations of the human experience.

What are you working on at the moment?

Having just released my debut EP “Violent Divinity” and curated an audiovisual exhibition, I’m currently focused on expanding its reach through live showcases. I’ll be spending a month in Shanghai, China in April to immerse myself in the local underground electronic music scene and make new connections.

Meanwhile, I’m already researching and creating demos for my next project at my Hackney music studio. This process involves exploring new sonic territories, embracing interdisciplinary collaborations, and pushing the boundaries of my artistic vision.

What are you looking forward to most about In Motion?

I’m thrilled to meet and connect with In Motion’s amazing composer cohort. I’m especially excited to work closely with my assigned mentor, whose guidance and expertise will undoubtedly shape and elevate my In Motion project. Above all, I look forward to accepting new challenges, acquiring new skills, and getting inspired.

Sound and Music is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Network Partner supported by PPL.

In Motion is made possible with the generous support of Arts Council EnglandJerwood Developing Artists FundThe Garrick Charitable Trust, Creative Scotland National Lottery and PRS Foundation.

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