Free Back to School Mini-Collection on Minute of Listening

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Minute of Listening is Sound and Music’s digital listening resource for primary school children. In order to support parents and teachers through this challenging time, we’ve made a substantial portion of its content free to access throughout the coronavirus emergency.

Our new Back to School mini-collection is free to access, and focuses on the theme of change.

“If anybody wants to keep creating, they have to be about change.”
– Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer

After many months of learning and listening at home, it almost feels like a lifetime since classes have been together in school for a Minute of Listening. Congregating in the classroom, you might be excited to see friends and teachers again, trying to kickstart your brain for a new term, or maybe just looking forward to break time!

Whatever you’re feeling, being back at school is a big change, in a year that’s been filled with them. That’s why on Minute of Listening, our digital listening resource for primary school children, we’ve created a brand-new mini-collection focussed on the theme of change.

Explore with us how these composers, creators and musicians think about change, how they call for it in the world or create it within their music. Discover within the changing meanings of Native American song, a bassoon changed to sound like a rocking electric guitar, and even a piece inspired by the magical shape-shifting creature ‘Rackshasa’.

As we all adjust to change together, we hope you enjoy exploring an exciting world of sonic change in this new collection.

To access it, simply sign up for a free account on Minute of Listening, then start listening here!

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