New Voices: Frazer Merrick Video Diary

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Frazer Merrick, as part of his New Voices 2020 project, presents a dazzling new video series on making music with light. Each month, Frazer will be sharing jam sessions, design updates and field recording trips. 

Check back here for updates over the coming months, you can also follow Frazer on Instagram or YouTube to stay up to date.

Episode 1: Watch the new YouTube series from New Voices composer Frazer Merrick as he develops a microphone for listening to (and making music with) light, creating vibrant audiovisual soundscapes from LEDs, bicycle lights and more.


Episode 2: From breadboard to circuit board! Frazer Merrick is building a microphone for listening to light, and in his latest video he shows the process of designing this unique handheld microphone.


Episode 3: Bicycle light sound sculpture! New Voices composer and used his #PhotonSmasher microphone to turn light into sound and create this kinetic sound sculpture.


Episode 4: Laser music! Hear the sound of light as Frazer teams up with sound artist Loula Yorke to experiment with turning sound into light (and then back into sound) with a laser.


Episode 5: Learn how to unlock the hidden rhythms of light-up gadgets and toys, and discover how you can control sound using light with these simple circuits.


Episode 6: Frazer has released the latest episode of his #DIY sonic explorations with the #photonsmasher

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