Black History Month 2018

“Black History Month is essential in promoting learning, providing information and contributing to community cohesion. For the past 30 years it has shone, and continues to shine, a beacon of … Read More

George Butterworth Award Winner 2018

The George Butterworth prize is awarded annually to a UK-based composer, for an outstanding new work created through one of Sound and Music’s composer development programmes. We’re delighted to announce … Read More

Meet the 2018/19 Composer-Curators

We are delighted to announce six projects selected for our 2018/19 Composer-Curator programme. Running since 2013, the initiative supports composers in staging projects that set the sonic agenda, shaping the … Read More

Sorry it has taken such a long time

Sound and Music news

The origins of the label Weekertoft grew over time in far reaching and very pleasurable conversations with Irish musician Paul G Smyth about life the universe and everything. It is … Read More